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Anveshana - serach for knowledge


The Publication Policy for the Institute Journal—

Anveshana..search for knowledge


A. J. Institute of Management has developed a publication policy to ensure the quality of the contents in its B-annual Research journal to be launched. The policy which provides for the inputs under review system includes, periodicity of publication, types of articles, preference in terms of geographic representation, issues pertaining to social centric concerns, number of articles in each issue, composition of editorial board, having own web-site for the journal, indexing of the journal, peer review of the articles in addition to review by the editorial board, etc. The following points illustrate the policy issues in connection with the publication of our proposed institutional journal.

1. Name:

It was opined that the name of the journal should reflect the concept of research and promote the research academicians for the search of true knowledge. The preferred name being Anveshana with a tag line .. search for knowledge

2. Periodicity:

It was proposed to publish the journal Bi-Annually i.e.,  January- June and July- December, every year.

3. ISSN Registration:

It was proposed to go for an ISSN registration to ensure the quality and credibility of the journal.

4Review of Articles:

It was decided to get the articles peer reviewed by eminent academicians in the concerned area of knowledge, after the articles are preliminarily reviewed by the experts in the Editorial Board.

5. Composition of the Editorial Board:

The Head of the Institute will be the Editor-in- Chief and two senior faculties with research experience will be the editors. There would be an Editorial Advisory Board the members of which are drawn from a galaxy of research academicians who are well-known in the related knowledge field. It was proposed to select the members to give representation for experts from cross section of University, Post-Graduate, under-graduate and professional educational institutions.

6. Publishers:

The publishers of the Journal would be the Laxmi Memorial Education Trust(R) the mother institution of A. J. Institute of Management.

7. Type of Articles:

It is proposed to maintain the Journal predominantly as a Research journal, focussing on research articles, case studies and empirical reports. However, conceptual papers also get a place in the Journal depending on its quality and contemporary issue or theme. One among the articles selected would be the lead article, based on the quality of the article and the reputation of the author. It is also opined that a special issue would be brought out occasionally, on some special occasions or some contemporary events or themes of national /regional importance. The Journal would contain one Book Review.

The Journal is to embrace the domain of knowledge from Commerce, Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Banking, Insurance etc.

8. Regional representation in the selection of Articles:

In order to regional representation in the selection of articles for publication in each issue it was decided to adopt the following guidelines-

  1. One article from each - North and South - region
  2. One from any University department
  3. One from the parental institution
  4. One Guest article preferably invited from within the country or from outside.
  5. One from Karnataka region
  6. One Book Review.

However, in the selection of article the decision of the Editorial Board is final.

9. Publication Fee:

No publication fee, in any form, including condition of compulsory annual subscription to the Journal would be charged to authors for the publication of their articles.

10. Royalty for the Articles:

No royalty shall be payable in the form of cash to the authors for the articles. But author as well as co-author each will receive one copy of the journal in which his article has been published. Author or co-author requiring extra copy of the Journal is required to pay the price fixed by the Board for the extra copy 

11. Copy right:

The management of the A. J. Institute of Management will have the copy right of the articles published in the Journal. However, anybody can use the published material in full or part with the prior written permission of the Editor-in Chief.

12. Financial Resources for Publication:

The cost of printing and publishing the Journal be provided by the Institute by creating a separate budget with the approval of the Governing Council of the Institute.

13. Subscription Rates:

The subscription rates would be on annual basis, subject to periodic review. However, there will be a provision for the decrease in the rates with an increase in the period of subscription.

14. Instructions to Authors:

The Editor, Anveshana Journal

A.J.Institute of Management

Kottara Chowki

Post: Ashoknagar

Mangalore-575 006

Karnataka, India

15. Others:


Editorial Board


     Dr. T. Jayaprakash Rao, Sr. Prof. and Director, AJIM


     Dr. Govinda Bhat, Sr. Prof., AJIM

     Dr. Vijaya Kumar, Dean - Academic Affairs, AJIM

Editorial Advisory Board

     Dr. P S YAdapadithaya, Sr. Prof., Mangalore University

     Dr. Mallikarjunappa, Sr. Prof., Mangalore University

     Dr. Sripathi Kalluraya, Prof., Mangalore University

     Dr. G. R. Krishnamurthy, Sr. Prof., AJIM\

     Dr. A K Singh, Assistnat Director, Lucknow University

     Dr. Ganesh Bhat, Sr. Prof., St. Mary's College, Shirva 

     Dr. Roshini Mangalore, Prof. London School of Econmics and Political Science, London.

Editorial Assistance 

     Mrs. Swapna Shetty

Cover Design and Administrative Service 

     Mr. Raveendra, Computer Instructor, AJIM


     A. J. Institute of Management(AJIM), 

     Kottara Chowki, Mangalore, Karnataka, India


Instructions to Authors

This institutional publication Anveshana is a Bi-annual journal catering to the needs of academicicans, professionals, student community and academic bodies. The journal is to embrace the domain of knowledge from Commerce, Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Banking, Insurance and so on. Anveshana invites articles, conceptual papars, research articles, empirical reports, case studies and book reviews with the following guidelines:


The Editor, Anveshana Journal

A.J.Institute of Management

Kottara Chowki

Post: Ashoknagar

Mangalore-575 006

Karnataka, India


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